VERY Simple Forms Question

I am in the process of evaluating Delphi without the benifit of any past
Pascal experience.  I have work with VB and to a much lesser degree
VC++.  My question is a simple one.

I'm trying to test a simple About Box.  (named, appropriately enough
AboutBox)  I'm trying to do a Help|About from the menu I created and I
can't find any way to show it.  I've tried doing an "AboutBox.Show" and a
".ShowModal", etc...  But I get back "Unknown Identifier".  I look in the
project file and I see:

program Insadmin;

  Admin in 'ADMIN.PAS' {Form1},
  Adminbg in 'ADMINBG.PAS' {BG},
  Unit2 in '\TESTINST\SHARED\BMP\UNIT2.PAS' {AboutBox};

{$R *.RES}

  Application.CreateForm(TForm1, Form1);
  Application.CreateForm(TBG, BG);
  Application.CreateForm(TAboutBox, AboutBox);

(Where Form1 is my main form, BG is my background form (which will have a
gradient backgroud which doesn't update until I move Form1 around and it
repaints the uncovered section, and AboutBox is the About Box)

Am I missing something obvious?  (I apologize for being ignorant.)

Also, any know now to get the background form to paint first thing so
that it comes up properly?  (I have the OnCreate, OnPaint, and
the OnShow Events all pointing to my background painting routine.  (Which
just bitblt's a small bitmap over the background.)