Strange install poroblem with BDE -- Excellent puzzler

Hi all,

I am having a problem with an application installation that uses Paradox
tables.  I use Delphi 3.01, BDE 4.01, and InstallShieldExpress 1.1 that
comes w/Delphi.  The install has worked on other machines just fine.
The machine I'm having trouble with is a dual-boot machine with Win 95/
Dos6.22 Win 3.1.  This machine also has ***Boot Manager and Partition
Magic*** running on it.

The install seems to go just fine, but when I try to run the app, it
just blows up and I receive some Windows (not BDE) errors.  When I try
to run BDEAdmin, I get the same problem.  Furthermore (this is the
interesting part), when I use my Delphi CD to install the BDE I get the
exact same behavior!  I cannot figure this one out.

Any ideas? Does anyone have a list of all the registry entries that are
created when the BDE is installed? Are there any files that go to the
windows or system dir on installs?

I'm getting rather desparate with this one.