Blob has been modified

While opening Delphi, with a project that has a table on a form, but
with the table set to not active, being code-controlled, I received
the following message

On one of the forms in the app, there was another table, and an
attached DataSource, with a DBImage and DBEdit linked to that. The
second table is also not active at design time.

Closing the project and reopening it resulted in a repetition of the

Removal of the second Table, its DataSource and the linked controls
stopped the problem, but I had unfortunately also run the Application
itself under delphi before trying this.

So the problem has gone but not beem solved.

Error message:

BLOB has been modified

with details being BDE Error  13058     $33[$2] Blob has been

As far as I can remember, the previous session had closed

Can anyone tell me what the import of this message is, please?

Thanks in advance      
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