Q: TDatabase in DLL - can't open

I have following problem with TDatabase object in DLL:

TDatabase object is placed on a form in my DLL.
OnCreate handler sets up the TDatabase component and tries to Open it.
I have also the function exported which creates the form.
When I call the function it creates the form, but the TDatabase can't be
opened (TDatabase.Open raises no exception but -.Connected is False).
However, if the form is created during DLL initialization the TDatabase
is opened correctly. But I can't use this approach since there must be
separate TForm object for every DLL-client application, so I must
create them 'on demand'.

How to resolve the problem?

I guess my problem is connected with application handle (instance
handle) which is null in DLL (as I heard...) and it is needed to link
application with BDE. Am I right?

Andrzej Sibik     mailto:asi...@silesia.pik-net.pl