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Using parallel port as I/O devise

Hello Heinrich,

I had the same problem this year. I found a good description of the
parallel port on the net:

there are essentially 3 different modes of operations:
SPP (Standard Parallel Port)
EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port)
ECP (Extended Capabilities Port)

I used the ECP-Port: Attention, you have to enable it in the BIOS.

The programming is not as simple as that. No drivers are supplied with
Delphi. I did everything with low-level port access, which is not
allowed under WindowsNT, but only possible with Windows95.

Another proposition is to use a SerialComport (very simple and good
programming under Delphi) and to connect a PIC16C65 or so that
transforms to 8 Bit Input and Output.
Contact me, I could do the programming of the PIC.
only three wire connection between computer and roboter
distance up to 15m using RS232 and up to 1200m using RS485
simple programming under Delphi

speed is not as high with a serial link (it depends on your application)

I have good experience with Delphi and 9.6 kBauds (full-duplex) with

Christian Henny


Re:Using parallel port as I/O devise

Is there any one having an idea how to solve my problem?

I am trying to control some kind of robot system using the parallel port.

On the robot side I have 8 output lines and 8 input lines

Now my question can I access each single line of the PC parallel port ?
Can any one give me an example how to do that with Turbo Pascal?

Since I am not very experienced in developing such kind off software I hope
some one can give me some good advise

Thanks Henry Wyssen


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