Delphi 2.0 books

Well, I thought I posted this question a couple of days ago but I think it
ended up MIA. Here goes again.

I am looking for a decent book on Delphi programming. I thought I would
find some info here, but I have not (after looking back quite a while). I
know programming in C, C++ (some) and Visual Basic. I had assumed that
knowlege in VB would have made Delphi easy (that is more-or-less the crowd
Borland is targeting, among others). However, as apparently others have
found also the documentation that came with Delphi is extremely poor. I
have never seen such poorly organized documentation, and the on-line help
in Delphi also seems to be poor, and very few SIMPLE examples were
provided (examples on how to use OLE are nice, but not very good for
getting started). Any suggestions on other books for a VB programmer
trying to learn Delphi? I would like it to be specific to version 2.0.