Q: Does setting Table.ReadOnly := False set the current record pointer to BOF

A quick question.  Well, confirmation really.  I have a form that uses a
speedbutton just like in the DBD to enable and disable edits.  When the
button is pressed I'm setting Table.ReadOnly := False.  This causes all data
aware controls on the form to display the data from the 1st record in the
table.  I didn't expect this behavior, intuitively I would have expected the
record pointer to remain where it was.  And this is the result I would like.
 Can anyone confirm this behavior?  And, if this behavior is correct, I seem
to have no choice but to save the current record position before
setting Table.ReadOnly := False, and to reposition the record pointer after.
 This seems a bit ugly, especially after not understanding why it would move
to BOF in the first place.

Any thoughts on this?  Many thanks in advance,

-- Jim Burns
   Technology Dynamics
   Pearland, Texas