ADO+ yet more info

For those interested, here is something I gleaned from a MS newsgroup. The
question asked was if ADO+ would be part of ADO ver2.6 which is being
released with SQL Server 2000.

ADO+ is part of the .NET platform, and as such will be released along with
it. There are no solid dates yet, but it looks likely to be next year.

One thing to be clear on is that ADO+ isn't a replacement for ADO. There is
some overlap on functionality, but they are really aimed at different
things, with ADO covering connected applications, and ADO+ being designed
for disconnected data marshalling. At the moment ADO+ comes with two managed
providers - the first is for SQL Server, and this bypasses OLEDB (it talks
TDS direct to SQL Server). The second is for ADO, so it leverages existing
versions of ADO (whatever version you happen to have).

I find it intriguing that ADO+ will have a SQL Server driver that is TDS
(Tabular Data Stream) based and thus doesn't depend on OLE DB, so maybe MS
is serious about .NET crossing platform boundaries...

It would appear from following the Kylix and DBExpress story on the Borland
kylix.non-technical NG that Borland so far hasn't committed to a DBExpress
SQL Server driver for it's first release.