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MDAC 2.61, Stored Proc, D5

Okay, here's a nice one that popped up for me today.

I just installed the SQL 2000 management tools onto my machine today along
with SP1.

I have an application which uses ADO to connect to a SQL 7 database.  Once
connected I run a stored procedure (Delphi code below) which just runs
through the record set and closes it.  When the Close command is issued, it
blows up saying: "Either BOF or EOF is true, or the current record has been
deleted.  Requested operation requires a current record"

This code worked prior to installing the SQL2K management tools, which also
installed MDAC 2.61.  So far, the only workaround I've found is to issue a
Prior command before closing the stored proc's record set, which doesn't
make a whole lot of sense to do.  Any ideas?

Chris Lively
Artful Technologies
Dallas, TX

procedure TForm1.btnGetListClick(Sender: TObject);
  With adoMCatCatalogGetAll do
    Prepared := True;
    Active := True;
    While not( Eof ) do
      clbWrapList.Items.Add( FieldByName('Description').AsString );
    end; // while not EOF
  end; // with adoMFXImages


Re:MDAC 2.61, Stored Proc, D5

Sounds like you need the ADO Update from Borland's web site.  Here's a link:


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