Problem BDE - Oracle 7 - Oracle 8

I want to use the ORACLE driver to connect to Oracle 7 and Oracle 8. If
I set the DLL32 to SQLORA32.DLL and the Vendor init to ORA73.DLL (->
connection to Oracle 7 databases) I get the error ORA-01410 Invalid row
ID when I change one row more then one time and connected to Oracle 8
database. If I set the DLL32 to SQLORA8.DLL and the vendor init to
OCI.DLL (-> connection zu Oracle 8 database) I get the error ORA-12663
Services required by client not available on the server when I am
connected to a oracle 7 database.
I need both a connection with Oracle 7 and Oracle 8. Does anyone have a
Can I add a new driver (ORACLE8 (copy of ORACLE but with Oracle 8
settings)) in the BDE configuration. I dont want to use ODBC. When Yes
Thank you


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