So Close, Yet So Far Away

I have been trying to pass a parameter to an Access Report from Delphi
but having no luck. I have been able to call Access, then a Macro that
loads my Report. But then my parameter form pops for  the value to
generate the Report on. Here's what I have come up with.

While not qryFaxes.EOF do
    IsfaxDone := False;
    strFaxNum := qryFaxesPRINTQUEUE.Value;

  --this is what I have tried but it doesn't work!!!
   strParameters := '[Forms]![Wasteco Digital

  --here I call Access
   RunFax.Command := 'MSACCESS';

  --this loads the report and runs my Macro.
    runfax.Parameters := 'd:\digital\digital.mdb /x openreport';

    RunFax.Wait := True;
    {Delay 5.5 seconds to allow for printer to properly close file }

Any help is appreciated. Thanks