Help files WAS: Delphi 2.0 - Major Bummers!!!

The inadequacies of the help files are a repeat of what happened with
Delphi version 1.  At that time I had a long "discussion" with Borland which
does not seem to have had any effect.

Good help files do depend on the quality of the input, of the people
developing them, but that is not enough. As a minimum the development of a
large help system by a compnay such as Borland has two additional requirements:

1. Automatic integrity checking of the help file - there is no excuse for null
or missing links.

2. A document management system that ensures that all topics are transferred
to the help file, that all terms are defined, that all topics are indexed and
cross-referenced on the basis of content.

I don't think any document management system will make the help *good* but it
prevents it from being *bad*. There still needs to be creative adding of
associative cross-referencing and the weeding out of the "silly"
cross-reference that automated systems tend to produce. Borland does have the
people to do this.