Adding Action Item to Action Bar at runtime


Either I'm mentally subnormal (I've not excluded the possibility) or there's
no easy way to add a ActionItem to an Action Bar at runtime.
I've been groveling round in the various Borland .pas files for quite a

I've looked on Google and Brian long's Guide

And on Steve Trefethen's site

I have Delphi 6 service Pack 2.
I have not downloaded "PATCH: Extensive ActionBands Update (Delphi 6.02)"
but am willing to if it helps.

I'm aware of  ST's ActionLManagerHelper but this only seems to enable me to
add if the bar has an item already :

ActionManagerHelper1.AddAction(<NEW ITEM>,
ActionManagerHelper1.FindItemByCaption('Caption Of An Existing Item'));

I would like to :
CreateAnAction Manager / Action list (from an Xml file) - Done
Add ActionBars (defined in an xml file) - about to do
Add Items to these Bars - stuck With

Any help would be much appreciated.