Paradox -> SQL.

We have developed over the last 2 years and a bit a large Accounting
package.  The package was started in Delphi 3 (I think) and has moved to
Delphi 5 with Paradox tables using Report builder and InfoPower 2000 as the
main third party components.  The clients we have attracted to this package
have helped make it bigger and better than we originally hoped for, but are
now asking about security issues with the databases.  That and other smaller
reasons have urged us to take the next step and convert the tables to
Microsoft SQL or similar.  The question I have is what sort of issues come
about from trying to do this and how long might it take.  I'm not after
detailed specifics as no one here knows the size or complexity of the
application but any information from people trying this would be helpful.  I
would also like to know if there are any resources like books or web pages
to make this conversion a little easier.

Thank you in advance,

Sam Barber.
Paramount Solutions.