Quick Report Custom Preview

And here I thought I'd solved the problem of the random AV's Floating
point errors and "qrStandardPreview already exists..."!! Looks like I
still need to some work here. I have decided to create a custom preview
as it seems like it might solve my problem. It works OK so far, except
that I can't figure out a way to open the Custom Preview form and
display the report when it opens. I have to but a button on the form
which the user must push before the report displays.
Also, I want to be able to print from this preview, but when I do, I get
an AV when cloding the custom preview. It appears that the QRPreview
re-renders the report before printing it. This new instance needs to be
removed before closing. If I free the (QRPreview.QRPrinter.Free) and
assign it nil, the preview dissappears.
I'm tearing my hair out here, and need a quick answer as I must deploy
next week (Monday). In fact, if somebody could send me an example of a
Custom Preview which handles multiple page reports, which opens with the
report displayed, and allows printing from within the preview, I would
be eternally grateful.
QUSoft's doc's on the Custom Preview is unfortunately very sparse.
Thanks in advance,
BTW, the solution which I posted earlier to the AV etc. problems is
still valid code, in that it works well in one part of my app.
Elsewhere, because I am calling the individual reportsmultiple times,
the problem seems to have reappeared.