Delphi2 TTable.Locate Bug ... (for paradox db)

Hello, Everyone.

   We encountered a problem that is related to Locate function in Delphi
   When we executed the following example program, we found (by
performance monitor of NT4.0)
   that virtual memory bytes increased continuously.
   But the same program was executed without the problem in Delphi 3.

   How can we run this program in Delphi 2 successfully?

   example program:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
   i : integer;
   n : integer;
   v : Variant;
   s : string[100];
   n := strtoint(edit1.text);
   v := VarArrayOf(['PNTANA1', Now, 1]);
   s := 'PointID;TM;Para';
   for i := 1 to n do begin
      tbl.Locate('PointID;TM;Para', VarArrayOf(['PNTANA1', Now, 1]),