A question for ActiveForm/ActiveX experts...Please Help!

I am successful so far in the use of activeForms in the IE/4 & 5 and
also in getting my client application to talk to the server over the
MIDAS and TCP/IP. But now that it's time to realy dive into it heavy
duty, I am up against my first brick wall that I can't seem to pass
thru. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am using Delphi 3.01 C/S on NT4 (SP 5).

In an activeForm project (which runs in MS I.E.), how can I access
properties/controls/methods of the activeForm from other forms in the
project? For example, the activeForm project has a dataModule and it
needs to call/access certain methods and/or properties on the
activeForm. How does it do it? I was expecting that there will be a
form variable like in old fashioned TForms and I could just use it. But
no such luck. May be its an extremely simple question, so please pardon
my ignorance. I will appreciate your help...


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