Windows 2000 XP Policy Groups

2003-12-09 10:13:01 AM
We have an application that uses the following,
BDE (Unfortunately)
Local INI Files
Local Registry
Local Executable
Local Subdirectories to the Program (although can be moved)
Centralised Database
Clients are now running Windows 2000 Server with Roles/Group Policies etc.
They need to be able to fully install/administer/uninstall the application
from the server to all the machines (>100)
Is there any documentation to make a delphi application Windows 2000
security compliant. ie MSI install packages. Using Windows Calls to find
profile paths. etc
I also have a sneaking suspician that the BDE will not like being installed
in this manner.
Has anyone had experiance or knows of documentation that may assist.
Your help is greatly appreciated.