2005-02-02 06:50:06 AM
Dan, it looks like there is another posting by Jeff on 2/1/05. That
thread seems to be getting some attention by Gambit.
Dan Egli writes:
I'm seriously lost here. I hope someone here can help. I have an
application that uses the Indy FTP client component, hooked in sync with
a ZLib compressor and a SSL IO Handler. This was all done so that I
could connect to a server that requires an AUTH command before allowing
me to login so when I login it is a SSL encrypted session. While it
seems to work like a charm on Windows XP, 98 is giving me nothing but
fits. I keep getting a Range Check Error when calling the ftp client's
connect method. I did some digging and found the following lines in
IdGlobal.pas to be the culprit of the issues on my connection.

function GetCurrentThreadHandle : THandle;
Result := GetCurrentThreadID;

this gets called as part of the SSL startup routines from what I can
see, and here is where the range check error occurs. I am really
confused. I don't know what to think here. That looks like a simple
built in function, so why is it complaining about that??

I'm using Delphi 7 and Indy 10.0.52

Any help is greately appreciated!! The sooner I can get this fixed, the
happier my boss will be.

-- Dan

-- Dan