ANN: Inference Engine Component Suite v2.5 EEP

2005-06-22 01:49:01 PM
RiverSoftAVG announces Early Experience Program for Inference Engine
Component Suite v2.5 for Delphi 5/6/7/2005 (Win32 and VCL.NET)
Release of Inference Engine Component Suite EEP for Delphi 5/6/7/2005 (Win32
and VCL.NET)
June 20th, 2005 -- RiverSoftAVG is pleased to announce the immediate
availability of the Early Experience Program (EEP) for Inference Engine
Component Suite (IECS) for Delphi 5, 6, 7 and 2005 (Win32 and .NET). The
Inference Engine ComponentSuite (IECS) is the powerful Delphi component
suite for adding rule-based intelligence and fuzzy logic to your programs.
This professional suite provides expert system (rule-based) programming from
within the Borland
Delphi environment. Extremely extensible and easy to use, the Inference
Engine component suites allows you to add expert systems or scripting
quickly and intuitively to your programs. The Inference Engine suite is
perfect for adding business rules to your database program, artificial
intelligence to your games, or scripting capabilities to any program!
The EEP is a beta version, with source code, which provides an opportunity
for users to experience the new version 2.5 BEFORE it is released. EEP
owners automatically receive version 2.5 when it is released. The EEP is
source-code owners only, which allows quicker distribution of changes to
users and more exact feedback from users. The EEP is available as a new
purchase, as an upgrade (for previous source code owners), or as a
crossgrade (for previous NON-source code owners).
The Inference Engine Component Suite provides Delphi developers with the
following benefits:
- 100% Native Object Pascal code, programmed from the ground up for Delphi
5, 6, 7 & 2005 (Win32 and .NET (v2.5))!!!
- 100% Managed Code in .NET
- Rapid Application Development of Expert Systems Programs
- Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems!
- Royalty Free Distribution of your programs!
- Fast Execution
- Database support through TDataSource and TDataSet components! (Delphi
Pro/Enterprise/Architect **Win32** Only)
- Easy to use and extensible components
- CLIPS compatible files (see notes about CLIPS compatibility)
- Easy scripting capabilities that you and your users can use
- Run-time Editors available to include in your programs
- Over 100 objects and components, 4 MB of context-sensitive help, and
almost 300 different Functions
New in Version 2.5 BETA (10% off until July 31st!)
- .NET support! IECS now supports Delphi 2005 VCL.NET. The Win32 and .NET
versions are identical except that the .NET version does not have DB
support, the User Function Wizard, and some minor miscellaneous functions.
- New Charting Components! The IECS now uses RiverSoftAVG's own Charting
Component Suite for .NET and Win32. This solves problems with depending on
TeeChart, which was a problem for .NET users especially but was also a
problem for TeeChart Pro purchasers (which required a recompilation of the
IECS). The RiverSoftAVG Charting Component Suite is free (to everyone) with
source for non-commercial use. A Commercial use license is included free
with all versions of IECS v2.5 users ($100 value).
- 100% Object Pascal Code and 100% Managed Code in .NET
For Delphi 5, 6. 7, and 2005 (Win32 and .NET) only. Database support
requires Delphi Professional or Enterprise/Architect (Win32 only).