ANN: PG Lightning Admin version Released

2005-11-29 08:48:31 PM
AM Software Design is proud to announce version of PG
Lightning Admin(PGLA).
PGLA is a Database Admin program for Postgresql 7.4 and up and it is
coded 100% with Delphi 2005.
If you like IB Expert or similar Firebird database Tools, you should
check PGLA out.
The latest version of PGLA now uses a tabbed MDI system as opposed to
the stock Delphi MDI, this results in a much snappier experience without
the stock MDI flickering.
For more information and to download please see: or
You can view change/version history here:
PGLA is priced aggressively at 29.99 per user, and for a limited time
you can get 15% off by using the coupon code pglaholiday.
Tony Caduto
Home of PG Lightning Admin for Postgresql 8.x