XP SP2 and "SetFileSecurityI"

2004-12-14 06:42:46 AM
I've got a problem with ADO and Windows XP SP2. On every machine, that has
Win XP with SP2 installed, my applications that use ADO components won't
They all show a message "procedure entry point "SetFileSecurityI" not
found in MSDART.DLL" and exit.
I already found out, that it works, if I uninstall SP2, install MDAC 2.8
and then reinstall SP2, but recently I had a customer, where it was
impossible to uninstall SP2. Moreover I can not go telling my customers,
that they have to uninstall every single update since SP2 before
installing my apps!
Are there any fixes around for this - it must be around almost half a year!
My be$t xmas wishes to all - especially M$'s developers - may Santa beat
you all up!