Delphi developer.....

2003-12-05 12:25:02 AM
Maksim V. Pavlov - Russia - my CV on-line.
Owing to the termination of the contract I search for work in the field of
GUI development or database applications development. I have wide experience
of work to order and the remote work, both as the single developer, and in
as a team member.
Pascal, Basic, C, C++, Asm, Clipper, SQL (ANSI standart,PL/SQL,T-SQL)
<<<Development environments and tools>>>
Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Pascal, Borland Turbo C++,
Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Source Safe,
Quest SQL Navigator, Quest TOAD, PL/SQL Developer
<<<CASE Tools>>>
Oracle, MS-SQL, Interbase, Paradox, DBase, Access
<<<Web skills and internet tools>>>
HTML, DHTML, ASP, CGI, JScript, VBScript, browsers, post-clients, proxy
servers etc.
<<<Operating systems>>>
Windows 3.X/95/98/NT/2000, MS-DOS, SCO Open Server 5
<<<Applications and tools>>>
Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Antiviral Protection Tools, archivers
(zip,winzip,winrar,arj etc.), PGP etc.
<<<Others skills>>>
Network Administering, RAS Server Supporting, Installation of additional
hardware (printers, network adapters, video adapters, modems, scaners etc.)
With best regards, Maksim Pavlov.