D2007 F2051 Error Unit XXX was compiled with a different version of YYY

2007-04-20 10:48:52 PM
I think I posted this in the wrong group earlier so I am cross posting
I have a project group that was built with D2006. It contains several
3rd party and in house packages. It also contains several projects
that generate Win32 exe's.
What we did in D2006 was build all projects. Every package and
project was built and run successfully. We then would right click on
the packages in the project manager and choose 'Install' to install
required in-house and 3rd party components. This all seemed to work
I downloaded a trial of Delphi 2007 to see if I can get things compiling.
All of the packages seem to build. When I right click the packages
and install them, the packages seem to install fine.
The problem is when I attempt to build the exe's. Almost all of them
give me an error such as 'F2051 Unit xxxx was compiled with a
different version of yyyyy'. Each exe project seems to give a
different unit xxxx and yyyy.
I'm not sure what the problem is here but I am guessing it is some sort
of path problem in D2007. My Delphi 2007 environment is a virtual machine
running win2000. It had Delphi5 installed but I removed it after
D2007 was installed. I thought maybe Delphi5 was causing some
The source code was copied from my physical Windows XP workstation running
D2006 only. I removed all of the DCU's and DCP's. I have several
folders and I basically deleted them all and re-created the empty
folders from scratch before building anything.
As far as I can tell, the configuration is the same as D2006. Every
dcu was compiled using D2007.
Can anyone think on something I am missing?
I tried some suggestions from
but without success.