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Alternative way of running Windows apps on Linux

2007-10-20 11:06:19 PM
You can arrange a special VMware setup which integrates Windows XP taskbar inside
your Linux desktop. This way you can launch windows apps directly from XP
Start Menu. Since your Windows Apps run inside the vmware server there are
no limitations on type of applications you can run, however the amount of
interaction you may have between Windows apps and Linux is very limited. It
only gives you the visual impression that you are running Windows XP and Linux
side by side on same desktop.
Its biggest advantage is that you can run Windows Apps without a need to
open a vmware virtual box. The vmware server runs in background and your
windows applications run in a *desk{*word*257}* remote terminal.
Detailed instructions are here:
Instructions are a bit complicated and obviously it takes much more than 10
minutes to set everything correctly. I spent nearly 2 hours.
Above instructions are for Ubuntu but I could successfully run it on my
Mandriva 2007 desktop.
Having Windows XP taskbar on bottom and Mandriva taskbar on the top looks weird.

Re:Alternative way of running Windows apps on Linux

The same can be done much easier with a better quality in VirtualBox 1.5: