D2005 Server apps / TOleEnum?

2005-05-25 01:35:45 AM
I am trying to use the Delphi 2005 Server objects to access an MS Office
Power Point app and slide show.
Im using the TPowerPOintApplication object and use the open command.
If I declare the following :
PowerPointApp: OLEVariant;
The following line works fine.
PowerPointApp.Presentations.Open('c:\matt3screens.ppt', False, False, True);
However, if I use the TPowerPointApplication object and try that line, I
get an error on compile indicating the options after the file name are
not the compatible type. The TPowerPontApplication object wants those
parameters to be of the type TOleEnum. I find no definition of such a
type in any help files. I cant get one of the parameters to accept a
True or False value.
How do I make this line work through using the TPowerPointApplication