QuickReport and ActiveX hang Internet Explorer

I posted earlier about an ActiveX form{*word*154} IE, but I have since
narrowed it down. I tried a number of other components and they all work
fine, it justs seems to be the QuickReport component. After printing or
previewing a QuickReport through ActiveX, then try to exit IE, it hangs.

Unfortunately I invested a lot of time in developing this ActiveX
reporting tool so I really don't want to rewrite it using another
reporting component (it might have the same problem anyway).

I developed under NT workstation which doesn't have this problem so I
didn't notice it until testing under Win95 weeks later.

I am running QuickReport 2.0i under Delphi 3. Can anybody offer any

I don't want to use any existing ActiveX report viewers because they must
be registered in the registry. I don't want to install or register
anything on the client PCs.