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Delphi on a Mac with SoftWindows?

Does anyone have exerience or other knowledge about how well this works
and how slow it is?

The blurbs say SoftWindows runs Windows 95 and all Win95 applications with
no problems, including client server applications.  I would like to be
able to buy just one new computer instead of two, since I need to replace
both my PC and my Mac and I would be using the new PC mainly for Delphi

Please respond directly to me.
(Jim C in Santa Monica)


Re:Delphi on a Mac with SoftWindows?

Jim C writes:
>>>>Delphi on a Mac with SoftWindows?

Unless you have a very fast machine, I don't think you'll be happy with
Delphi performance on a Macintosh with SoftWindows.

We make the MacA&D and WinA&D CASE tools that run on Macintosh and Windows
95/NT, respectively.  A while back I tried our WinA&D product on a
Macintosh 120 MHz machine with 32MB RAM running SoftWindows.  It was
incredibly slow.  MacA&D or WinA&D each seem to run several hundred percent
faster on their native platform.

By the way, WinA&D is built with Delphi, as is Delphi built with Delphi.
See our web site if you're interested in software engineering tools that
support Delphi, etc.

Harold Halbleib
Excel Software

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