Two very baisc Q i am sure D5

I have two what i think are quite minor issues of which i need some
help with please.

(1) How do i from within my app save a registry key to an external
file say myreg.reg.

(2) i have an app that opens a html file no prob but i want to extract
some text a place that text into a edit box.

Ie: within a html file caled say INDEX.HTML
i want to find , i will show you...

<a href="htmlfilelink.htm">HTML file link</a>

i want the bit btween the "" but NOT including them, to
send to a edit box, then move onto the next instance and
place that in a new edit box so i end up with...

htmlfilelink.htm in Edit1.Text
htmlfilelink2.htm in Edit2.Text

and so on

If you can help or know of some site or book with this info
i would appreciate the help

Thanks in Advance