Access violation in ora805.dll when accessing stored procedures n Oracle 8

I am using these sql-link settings for Oracle 8:


Problem 1: I get an access violation when access the Params property of
TStoredProc from the Object Inspector in Delphi (both 4 and 5).

Problem 2: In one special case I do not get acces violation. That is if my
stored procedure is in a package on the Oracle server AND I include user
name when specifying the procedure name (<USERNAME>.<PACKAGE
NAME>.<PROCEDURE NAME>). In this case there will be no access violation, but
delphi cannot determine the parameters neither run-time nor design-time,
allthough the TStoredProc.DescriptionsAvailable is set.

I have tested this with Oracle server version 8i and 7.3.4.

I Would be thankful for any help.

Anders Evensen