IDAPI Access Violation

One of our customers is experiencing an intermittent problem when running
Delphi 3 forms against a SQL Server database, running both the application
and database under NT.  We have been unable to determine the cause(s) of the
problem, but once it occurs, the only way to continue running the
application is to reboot the NT system!  The error we see is:

"... Access violation at address 4BDEEF49 in module 'IDAPI32.DLL'..."

When this error occurs, we can continue to close and open forms, but
accesses to the database result in a repeat of the above error message ...
it would appear that the BDE is hosed internally.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?  Or what steps we might take
to narrow down the cause?  I am loathe to call Inprise, but that is our next

Just as a side note, it seems that most of our problems, and all of our
really "difficult" problems, are related to the BDE.  I really wish that
Inprise could apply some effort in reporting run-time errors in a way which
helps developers to fix the application code ... it is very embarrassing to
have to tell customers and employers that Delphi is the best technical
solution, yet continue to struggle with intractable problems!

Many thanks for any help!

Andy King.
[email protected]