BDE Lang. drivers D2 + MS SQL 6.5

I have a problem displaying french characters (together with english,
this is Canada) through any of the Delphi 2 apps.
If I insert a value through SQL Enterprise Manager and look at it with
Database Explorer I see garbage( and vice versa).
I know I can change the language driver in the BDE Config but what do I
change it to ?
I tried a few and more than one shows the french characters right (but
I'm not sure if they will all work fine).
The closest is Borland ENU Latin but in the (Borland) list of "Borland
language drivers for MS SQL Server" it is listed as having Binary
collation sequence( I gues that the sort order).Well I have dictonary,
no-case sensitiv sort order on the server.
Funny thing the Borland list contains no ISO8859.1(Latin 1) + Dictonary
no-case sensitiv driver,  the default character set/sort order for SQL
Server 6.5 .

Any ideas ?

NT 4.0 sp3 + SQL Server 6.5 sp2 + Delphi 2 + SQL Link 3.5