SaveToFile/LoadFromFile...part 2 (Batch Inserting/Updating)

I have one more question.
I followed your instructions, but still nothing..
I think the reason is that the SaveToFile procedure saves info as something

- <rs:data>
     <z:row ID="1" field1="Hello" />
     <z:row ID="2" field2="World" />

But using:

- <rs:data>
        <z:row ID="1" field1="Hello" />
      - <rs:insert>
           <z:row ID="2" field2="World"/>

as source to LoadFromFile saves row no2 back to the database.
Considering the fact that I want to implement a briefcase model,
with the server sending the XML file full of inserts (or maybe updates)
for the client, the SaveToFile method on server doesn't appear to produce
the right XML file, that caould be used by the client.

Am I wrong at some point?
Can I force the SaveToFile method to produce INSERTs (and UPDATEs) ??
If not, can I change(parse) the produced XML file, so as it has the INSERTs?
Or do I have to create the right XML file "mannualy" from the start??

Thanks very much and forgive my long posting,


>Use Batch Updates.

>1) Set your recordset locktype to Batch Optimistic
>2) Load From XML File
>3) Apply Batch Updates
>You can experiment with Batch Updates in this browser


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