NT Dll will not Break on Debug

I am having some difficulty debugging a VC50 (SP3) Dll that is called from a
Delphi app under windows NT and I thought that maybe someone else had
experienced the same problem. So here it goes.

As mentioned before I have a DLL written in VC50 that is called from a Delphi
application.  When attempting to debug this dll by running it through the VC
IDE under NT40 (SP3) it appears as if the code is never reached.  At the very
least, no breakpoint is ever reached.  When run under Win95 the EXACT same
code work perfectly and all breakpoints that are set are reached when called.
 Please note that the application does in fact run, and that the Delphi app
never complains of any unresolved function calls in the DLL.

I initially thought that this could have been  outdated or bad symbol tables,
so I reinstalled the symbol tables from the NTSP3 CDROM.  This however STILL
did not solve the problem.  As an experiment, I created two new projects: One
was a test delphi project and the other was a test VC50 DLL.  I set up the
Test Delphi application to call the test DLL in the same manner as the real
project, and used all of the same compiler options in both environments.
This scenario, when run from the VC IDE DID break on the set breakpoints.  So
my question is- has anyone ever seen this before?  What can I do about this?
Some other specifics on the projects are:

About the DLL:  The DLL is not a MFC Dll.  I uses standard C++ and the STL.
 No microsoft specific objects.  All declarations and definitions are wrapped
as extern C { } declarations.  Uses the cdecl calling convention.  Exports
approximately 200 functions.  (Sample Declaration):  void
__declspec(dllexport) _save_object(int _hDb,int _hO);

About the Delphi App.  Imports the functions as such:  (Sample Import):
procedure _save_object(_hDb,_hO:Integer); cdecl; external


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