using TDesigner/TFormDesigner classes

I need to write an applicaotion which allows a user to create and
paint forms.  The classes provided for this (and used by the IDE
itself, though this source is not provided...) are TDesigner and

I realize there's a lot going on with these guys.  Mostly, I have a
few fundamental questions, and documentation in this area is sparse.

Q:  SetDesigning() is a protected method, so for a new form to be
created in design mode (csDesigning in ComponentState) it has to
inherit that state from its parent.  am i missing something?  

Q:  Is a designer responsible for painting all his controls, or does a
control understand that when its state includes csDesigning its
behavior is different (resize handles, etc.)?


any help would be greatly appreciated.  I was hoping to find some
source examples of this, but after scouring the newsgroups and
websites it doesn't look like i've got much company.

thanks for any help.


sam johnson  (
Moai Technologies, Inc.