MS Access 2000 and BDE

I occassionally need to link to Paradox DOS 4.x files with MS Access.
The Paradox files are on a shared network. Everything worked fine until
I upgraded from MS Access 97 to 2000 and then I could not link to any of
the Paradox files. Searched the MS web site and found doucuments that
basically said to use BDE version 5.01 which I have downloaded and
installed on my machine (not the network). Access 2000 is still unable
to link to the Paradox files. Called MS support was told SORRY Borland
revoked their (MS) legal ability to the Borland ISAM. So, can anyone
give me some guidance or point me to a document that will tell me how to
set up Access 2000 to use the BDE 5.01 and link to Paradox  DOS 4.0

Larry Sorrells
Bowling Green, Ohio