Handling joined tables with ADO?

>ID integer, primary key and foreign key to table Base in
>Name varchar(80)

>Now I want to show the fields ID, LastUpdate and Name of both tables in one
>DBGrid. I want to edit, append and delete records from this resultset. (e.g.
>when data are appended, a record in Base and a record in Derived must be
>added, also deletion works: first a record from Derived and then a record
>from base must be deleted).

ADO will handle Updates and Deletes for a Join like this.
Appends however are a problem.  You can append a record to the Join if a
corresponding record of the table being joined to already exists.
The only way I have found to get appends to a join like this to work is to
execute an SQL Insert for the Join to record out of the beforePost event.

Brian Bushay (TeamB)