BDE 5.01 and memory leak with LongVarChar on MS-SQL 7


I discovered a phenomenon, which looks a bit strange to me. I wrote a unit,
which is accessing a database on a SQL 7 server. I use this unit under a COM
skeleton which is running on an IIS 4. After a while I get a "Out of memory"
message. After I investigated this problem by debugging the unit without the
COM construct, I found out that I loose memory during reading LongVarChar
fields. What I do is something like that:

Run a Select Query over different Tables on the same DB. (Fetches 1 record.
Incl. 18 columns and 4 of them are LongVarChars)
Fetch the columns with FieldValues['Column'].

I checked the memory with AlocMemSize. If I disable the reading of the 4
LongVarChar's, I don't loose any memory. If I don't disable them, I loose
about 220 ( and up to about 270) bytes every time I repeat the exact same
procedure (same Query). Just for further information: I use Delphi 4 (update
3) and an ODBC connection to the SQL server under Win NT 4 Server Service
Pack 4. The SQL 7 client software is also installed on this machine (The SQL
Server is on another machine). Anyone seen this?

Thanks, Marco...