I am attempting to write an add-on for an excel spreadsheet.  In its most
basic  form, it would look like a DLL with functions being exposed to Excel.
But I would like to be able to return structures or ranges from my DLL.
Imagine that I was doing math in Delphi and wanted to return a matrix to
Delphi.  It would also be nice for the Delphi code to be able to use Forms,
for instance for data entry.

Of utmost importance to me is speed, because I am creating numerous calls
doing lots of math for a realtime bond trading application from Excel.

My question is rather simple.  The help files explain how to create different
apps, but I don't know which one I need to create.  Do I want :

- an active-X control
- an automation server
- some other com object
- an Active-X library
- plain old DLL
- or even an Active-X form?

Thanks for the help.

Markus Wolfensberger

Markus Wolfensberger

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