ReportSmith 2.5.2 / Derived Field / FieldFont


I have the following derived filed using ReportSmith. Now, I need to change
the font of the "Book" and "Article" Fields using the FieldFont statement
but it does not appear to work .... not the best code and Iknow it would be
easiest to deign the report using standard columns but I need column widths
to change dynamically, i.e. removing all trailing blanks, etc.

Any help will be appreciated! Kindly reply directly to my e-mail if


Sub Title()
 Dim{*word*254}As String

 If Len(Trim$(Field$("Book"))) > 0 Then
   tit = RTrim$(Field$("Book"))+" "+RTrim$(Field$("Volume"))+"
"+RTrim$(Field$("Part"))+" "+RTrim$(Field$("Pages"))+"
   tit = RTrim$(Field$("Article"))+" "+RTrim$(Field$("Journal"))+"
"+RTrim$(Field$("Volume"))+" "+RTrim$(Field$("Part"))+"
"+RTrim$(Field$("Pages"))+" "+RTrim$(Field$("Country"))
 End If
End Sub

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