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256-colour icons wrongly displayed - Windows 2000

Quite suddenly, possibly after running NetMeeting last night, my 256-colour
icons in Windows 2000 seem to be behaving as dithered 16-colour icons!  The
icons for the recycle bin etc. seem OK, just my programs!  I know the .EXE
and .ICO files are OK as I can view them from another PC over the network.

I've not changed the video card, I have tried setting down to 256-colours
and back to 32K then to 24-bit and 32-bit true-color, and I've made sure the
box "Show icons with all possible colours" has been cycled.  I even deleted
ShellIconCache.  The only other clue is that previously the menu images in
Paint Shop Pro 7 didn't show correctly, and now they do.

I must be missing something obvious.  Any ideas, anyone?



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Re:256-colour icons wrongly displayed - Windows 2000

Thanks to Neal for a fix - re-run NetMeeting with a clean shutdown of the
program and, in my case, toggle the display properties flag.

I can't image what registry setting NetMeeting is tweaking, though!


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