DB2 on an MVS system and ADO

Hi, I'm trying to connect to a DB2 database on an MVS system using ADO
(Provider=MSDASQL). I have a working ODBC configuration to a database on the
MVS, and are using this connection successfully in VB, MS Access etc (not
using ADO, though). The connection works alright, but when I try to run a
simple ADO query ("SELECT * FROM AUTHOR;"), the odbc driver gives me an
error message saying it cannot find/connect to table 'T123456.AUTHOR' or
similar error message.

The problem is that it should only try to connect to the table AUTHOR.
T123456 is the user ID I connect myself to the MVS. I cannot get rid of this
"prefix" when I run the ADO query. Any one have any clue on how to deal with
this situation?

Per Skjondal
Software developer