Reporting in three tier environment...

|     We are a company that has been into developing business and
| e-commerce solutions.  We have been doing conventional client/server
| development all the while.  Now, we are moving towards three tier
| technology.  We use Delph 5 for business logic components that run on
| the middle tier using microsoft transaction server and ADO.  For the
| client side interfaces we use Delphi 5 and ASP.  The database is MS
| Server and can also change.  I head the reporting department.  Can
| anybody give some insight into what considerations are to be taken
| reporting in a three tier environment.  What role do third party
| reporting tools like crystal reports, quick reports etc. play.  Are
| there any books or technical papers on this subject.  We need all the
| information that we can get.  So all suggestions are welcome.
| Thanks in advance.
| Shailesh.