Partial Text Match

My name is Jeri Greenberg and I work for the Delaware County Engineer in
Ohio.  I am writing to you at the suggestion of a Crystal Reports support
person.  He couldn't solve my problem.  I was wondering if you could help me

I know nothing about the SQL language.  I would like to ask you how to
modify the SQL statement that is being generated by Crystal Reports.  I
was told that I should ask you how to write the request for a PARTIAL
TEXT MATCH in a left outer join.

Crystal will not write the SQL for a partial match unless the data source is
Paradox or DBase.  I am using an ODBC source.  I am trying to join two files
that do not have a common field name for the info that I need to access.
However, each file has a field with the needed data that is exactly the same
up thru the first 7 characters.  One field is PO.PNUM and the other is
PO.NUM.  Here's an example:

PO.PNUM = 9B12345
PO.NUM   = 9B12345-67 or 9B12345678

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Jeri Greenberg

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