qr grouping and not displaying data for a group

I am using qr 3.0.5, Delphi 4 standard on Win 95/98.

In a report I am using a QRGroup (to head the columns for my groups),
QRBand -- Detail as band type to display data, QRBand -- Group Footer
(which is connected with the QRGroup <group header band>).

In the report I happen to have 4 groups (with test data).  In only 1
group, I would like to see calculations as (field1 * ChargeRate) in the
details band.  In the footer band of this 1 group, I would like to see
the sum(field1 * ChargeRate).  In the other groupings, I would like to
see something like this:   -----  for the detail and the footer band.

How do I go about doing this?

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