No Sharing Violation -- why not?

>Have you ever opened two dBASE DOS windows and tried to open
>the same database, or run the same program twice which access
>the same files, and receive "Sharing Violation?"  This error
>occurs even if the application is network compatible.
>Why doesn't this error occur in Delhpi?  I can open the same
>application twice, on the same machine, and it works!  Don't
>get me wrong -- I'm not complaining... :-)  Am I missing
>something here?  I initially thought it was due to Windows NT,
>but I tried it on WFW3.11 and it still works!
>Why is that?  I guess I can now have many applications running
>as icons, each looking at the same databases, performing
>different things!  Hurray!  Is this right??

     VShare handles READ ONLY locks in a better way than SHARE.EXE.
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