Would you license ... more information

Oops, sorry... me again.  Several [dozen] folks wrote in and asked me to tell
them what exactly this licenseable software included.  Here is a brief rundown:

     -- A general invoices / inventory / purchase-order system.
     -- Customizable [via Crystal] reports, add your own...
     -- Interface to Word for Windows mail-merge files; table-based.
     -- Multi-user-level login-based security system.
     -- UPS freight calculator.
     -- Integrated contact manager capabilities.
     -- Paradox/BDE based, multi-user.

Basically, a heck of a lot of software that you probably could write yourself
but you don't have to.  You can customize it for your clients or we can do the
job for you.

So, collecting statements-of-interest only now.  Please reply e-mail **only**
and fairly soon, please.  Also e-mail any comments or flames.  Thanks for your
time, now back to the regularly scheduled "Delphi!  No, VB!  No, Delphi!!"  ;-)