Delphi II vs. VB4

Some interesting facts about VB and Delphi.

A company for which I'm doing some client-server contract stuff for, was
having performance problems with a VB4 application. The SQLs and stored
procs were optimised as much as possible, but the problem still remained.
We then sniffed the LAN. The VB4 app was generating a *huge* amount of
network traffic <ODBC using named pipes>. It seems that after every async
call, it continuously polls the server for an answer!

We then wrote a VB4 and a Delphi II app that does a simple select count(*)
and configured ODBC to use sockets instead of named pipes.

Results - the VB4 app generated 19 frames. Delphi II otoh generated
only 4 frames, almost 5x more efficient than VB4.  

But, it is not as much VB's fault as it is the MS jet engine. Using
DB-lib instead of the jet engine/ODBC should improve VB apps' performance.
And using sockets as oppose to named pipes has cut down on network traffic
- of course, not nearly as good as Delphi but enough to make a difference.

Delphi rules! :-)

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