Syncronising Scrolling of 2 TListView Components

I am pretty new to Delphi and have a problem which I would appreciate any
help with.

I have a panel which has 2 vsReport style TlistView items on it - only one
of which is visible at any one time.  The TListViews both have the same
fixed 12 captions on them but with different columns after that.  Only 5
captions are visible before scrolling down is required to see more.  A
checkbox component is used to select which of the list views is enabled.
The user can highlight an entire row for which ever list view they are
displaying and then switch to the other list view and the row with the same
caption must be highlighted.

I have no problem in synchronising the actual highlighting the selected line
in both the list views, but I do not know how to synchronise the scrolling.
For example, if I select line 10 in ListView1 and then switch to ListView2
the first 5 lines are displayed on the screen and so I then need to manually
scroll down ListView2 to confirm the line 10 is selected (which it is).
Ideally whenever the visible ListView scrolls the other should scroll by the
same amount.