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Mouse in VESA mode ?


Anyone know how to use the mouse in VESA??

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Re:Mouse in VESA mode ?

Re:Mouse in VESA mode ?

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>Anyone know how to use the mouse in VESA??

Yes, basically you have to hide the "real" mouse cursor and do the animation
yourself. This is not a trivial task, and requires quite a high level of
knowledge of both the MS mouse driver and VESA API's as well as the various
caveats of writing interrupt service routines. You will also probably have to
implement a mouse exclusion area which gets redefined to the area of the screen
currently being redraw to reduce mouse flicker.

The biggest problem with doing this in SVGA modes is the video bank register(s).
You have to ensure that redrawing the mouse (in interrupt time) doesn't corrupt
the bank register(s) and/or its in-memory (variable) shadow, and so{*word*222}up the
interrupted drawing function.

-- Jay

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